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performance installation

Hello everyone, we are not away, only small winter sleep.
you can still enjoy the world of ze_R0!Ayns till we will be back, and we will!


First, if you didn't already, download the app from the App Store or google play.

Access the App Store and search for “club havera” or you can scan the code

  1. Download the app “The world of Ze_RO!Ayns”

  2. Open the app (this might take some seconds to few minutes, depending on your device)

  3. Allow the app to access your camera (unmute our device)

  4. Once the camera is working, show the camera the Trigger for few seconds (see the Trigger below and aim that only the trigger is visible on the device screen)

  5. Look around

qr codes apps.png
trigger introduction to the world of zeroayns.png
Zero__RO!Ayns logo-05_edited.png
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