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Sheri Avraham

The dystopia that I experience these days is related to the ease of which people use fear as a tool and get comfort with hate as to becoming part of the self understanding.

Nouk Baudrot

My dystopia is the limbo between capitalism and identity politics. The commodification of queer talent, queer bodies and queer desirability as the only way into economic stability. The never ending panic of personal worth vs. having to market yourself to get a chance to exist without fear.


Mirjam Becker

My dystopia is that we are taught to unlearn how to create space inside us to feel ourselves and our surroundings, to care for ourselves and each other and truly listen. It is the high level of ignorance, closed senses and numbness for the violence we cause and reproduce consciously and unconsciously in our everyday lives with almost no possibility to escape this system. 

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bita bell

''They said it would be temporary. There wasn't even any rioting in the streets. People stayed home at night, watching television, looking for some direction. There wasn't even an enemy you could put your finger on.”
Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale

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Lara Bellon

My personal dystopia is a future with no memory of its pasts.


Faris Cuchi Gezahegn

My current dystopia lives in my want, yearn, desire & practices of creating belonging & bulldozing othering. It exists in the technology we as beings in this realm who are being forced to develop by the coercion of imperialist colonialist white supremacist hetero & homo patriarchy violence.


Zuzana Ernst

My dystopia is the ongoing manifestation of partiarchy, where competition and profit outweigh community and the commons, ego and fear overpower solidarity and empathy, and where human rights are reserved to the privileged few who conform with their own liberation and withdraw from their responsibilities to fight for collective justice.

Sarah Glück

My personal dystopia is understanding and seeing how internalized queerphobia & sexism is so often affecting interrelational spaces and how for people it is so easy to maintain these violent structures. Seeing how recent political developments grow stronger against BiPoc & FLINTA bodies and how it normalizes violence in everyday life is grueling and scary. 


Kim Groneweg

My current dystopia is the never-ending patriarchy (and all power mechanisms entangled) that repeatedly manages to destroy rights which have already been won and reinstates grotesque laws. My fear is that instead of getting stronger, resistant movements will end in a state of numbness (Ohnmacht), and that we stop listening to and being supportive with each other and that we shatter into individual pieces.


Anna Menecia Antenete Hambira

My personal dystopia is if we fail to change the prevailing power relations. The assaults on non-white, non-cis-male bodies are commonplace. At home, at work, in public spaces, in the media, in relationships - we must never accept it. 

Mbatji Hambira

My current dystopia is humanity's unempathy, system loyalty, and dreamlessness.
A world of the future where imagination is exploited.


Ipek Hamzaoğlu


My personal dystopia is the world we live in.

Isabelle Mezin

My dystopia is the constantly perpetuated hegemonic power structures based on anthropocentric, patriarchal and neo-liberal values. I am profoundly dismayed at not only the destruction but also the reversal of once painfully acquired fundamental rights along with the normalization of hate within mainstream discourses.


Samuel Minegibe Ekeh

My current dystopia is Care, Care of an inner self that can help you to understand more about yourself as it reflects from the inside to the outside. Care, that can make you understand your position and be able to tolerate others no matter the race, gender, or class. Care, that can help us understand that our actions can reflect dystopia utopian society. Care, not on self-reflection or with greed of self-care but understanding what care is and allowing it to stabilize our dystopian society.


Theodor Moise

Too often we are just the reflection of others.

Just continuously questioning our own identity we can give us a chance to really understand ourselves and the world we live in.


Gabriel Moncayo-Asan

Dystopia for me is living in a reality where the intrinsic values of practicing humanity is not even a possibility. We must never take anything for granted and always remain vigilant and militant.


Galo Moncayo-Asan


In many ways we have long way as human beings, in many ways we are the best that have become with the knowledge we have have now. My distopia is actually happening with many many governments taking away rights that evolved in the past century and wanting to takes back.

Martina Moro

My dystopia is a spiritless world, an unemotional lonely sphere, where nobody dares to play anymore


Oliver Mathias Kratochwill

My current dystopia is the rift between people, the irresponsible ignorance of pseudo left-wing liberals and the hateful blindly stubbornness of right wing conservatives, the whole which results in a place, where common ground is not existing.

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My personal dystopia is a society where no one cares and everyone works against everyone else.

Ivana Pilić


My current dystopia is the failure of (re)inventing a language that can efficiently oppose propaganda rather than repeating it. A language that doesn't raise fear and othering but adapts to the diversity of human experiences and needs, reinforces critical thinking, unites communities and fosters action

Anna Szepes

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My current dystopia is doing digital arts without electricity

Joanna Zabielska

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